Spotless hardwood flooring is a dream every homeowner cherishes in Pottstown. Having clean floors and stain-free carpets in Pottstown could arguably raise one's status by a considerable amount in the home-design community.


Due to the advent of design blogs and perfect home decor photos uploaded on the internet, the standards for floor hygiene have risen slowly but surely over the past decade. There is good news, attaining perfect floors is not necessarily an impossible task.


Here are three simple rules that can be followed to help one get spotless flooring.


1. Keep Food in the Kitchen


Keeping food strictly in the kitchen seems obvious, but this is a rule which is generally overlooked. Of course, the average household keeps big meals confined to the kitchen and dining room, but the rules are not so strict when it comes to smaller snacks.


In order to get flawless floors, there should be a strict rule of keeping food only in the kitchen, yes, even small snacks. Keeping food out of other rooms will not only help ensure the floors stay clean and stain free, but it will also help keep pests out of the home.


2. Clean Spills Immediately


When something spills on the floor, it is vital to wipe it up immediately. Leaving spills on the floor can increase the severity of the stain that gets left behind. Not only will the severity of the stain be intensified, but when stains are left untended they often start to start stinking. The food or drink may have been fresh when it was first dropped, but over time it will get rotten. The last thing anyone wants is to sit in a room with a carpet that smells like rotten milk.


3. Use the Right Products


Often stains remain on hardwood and carpet because people are using the wrong cleaning products. Each flooring type has specific cleaning products. If its hardwood that needs cleaning, make sure to search reviews on the best hardwood cleaning product on the market. If it’s laminate flooring that needs to be cleaned, search reviews for cleaning products specifically made for laminate flooring. There are also tried and tested DIY cleaning solutions that can work on nearly every surface. Baking soda or vinegar diluted in warm water work wonders against most stains.


It is harder to clean stains off of dirty floors, so make sure to vacuum, broom, and mop regularly. Keeping food in the kitchen, cleaning spills immediately, and using the right cleaning products can help any homeowner have the cleanest flooring in Pottstown.