Wood floors are incredibly durable and are able to endure a lot of wear and tear. This material is known to last a long time, and once it is freshly installed, it is expected that it will be able to keep its shine and smooth look for many years to come.


However, there are many factors that may cause one’s hardwood flooring in Pottstown to wear out and get damaged before their time.


Wood can be damaged by these three factors:


1. Moisture


Excessive moisture can easily be seen as a wood floors’ worst enemy. Most wood material is not able to expand and contract without suffering damage. Moisture forces the very absorptive boards to expand and this causes many problems to occur. Wood that is buckling, has concave or convex deformities, or is loose when stepped on can all be contributed to moisture problems.


Individuals need to make sure the humidity level in their home is relatively low and that extra precaution is taken when the materials are being installed. If the wood is installed properly it can last a very long time, however, getting moisture into the wood when it is installed can lead to serious problems only a little while after installation.


2. Heat


Just as moisture can cause wood to expand, too much heat can also cause it to shrink. This can cause gaps to occur in one’s ground. If one wants to prevent excessive heat drying out their beautiful ground materials they need to ensure that the temperature of the house is kept as moderate as possible.


3. Recurrent Damage


Constantly having things fall on the ground or scraping furniture repeatedly across the ground is a surefire way to cause some visible damage. Yes, wood is extremely resistant to damage and is very tough, but that does not mean one can continue to hammer down on it as much as they want. Treat them delicately and they will last many more years to come.


If one wants their ground material to last as long as possible then they need to ensure they are taking the proper precautions and keeping their ground in good condition. Hardwood needs to be kept relatively dry and it also needs to be kept at adequate temperatures. Making sure to keep one's ground from suffering continuous damage is also important if one wants to see them last a long time.


It is important to note that keeping the ground clean is also a good method to extend is lifetime. Dirty floors are more likely to decay and collect moisture than wood that is cleaned on a regular basis.