4 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive


Whether you are selling your home or you just want it to look more upscale, adding touches that will add to its value is always a good thing to do. There are a number of ways you can make your home appear more expensive without actually investing too much money.


Start with cleaning it up


A clean home is always going to get more views and sell for more money. If your home is Martha Stewart immaculate, pride of ownership shows and your home will seem more expensive. Not only do you want to make sure the floors and bathrooms sparkle, you want to take care of those little things you don’t normally do. This includes cleaning all walls and baseboards, wiping down chandeliers and light fixtures, scrubbing door handles and switchplates and really just getting down on hands and knees and seeing what dirt needs to be removed.


Add some new flooring


While this is going to incur you an expense, the expense will always pay off. One of the biggest reasons home buyers reject a home is that the flooring is dated, dirty or worn. Visit your favorite flooring store in Pottstown and take a look at the multitude of options that you have for new flooring. This includes hardwood, laminate, carpet and more. Most buyers want hardwood floors and they make your home appear much richer than it could actually be.


Remove some furniture


This may sound completely counter-intuitive, but when it comes to furniture, less means more. A home that looks cluttered and like a hoarder lives there (maybe not that extreme) will definitely look like it isn’t worth the foundation it stands on. Get rid of bulky items that don’t add to the space and all the little things that make your home seem like a crazy cat lady lives there.


Add new bedding


What do luxury hotels all have in common? Beautiful and lush bedding. A bed that is well-made, with bedding that screams “jump into me!” makes your master suite seem like a luxurious retreat. And a luxurious retreat means that your home is worth some good money. This simple tip won’t cost a fortune and not only will it make your home look more expensive, you’ll get to reap the benefits every night when you go to bed.


It is simple to make your home look more expensive than it is with these four inexpensive tips!