Choosing New Flooring Can be a Big Decision


Carpets and flooring can say a lot about the home and the family that lives there. That’s why, when it comes to choosing new floors for a home, many people are flustered by the number of choices available to them. Should they go cool and elegant with light hardwood floors, or cozy with thick Berber carpeting? Practical and busy with linoleum floors, or old-fashioned with the warmth and comfort of polished dark wood? Actually, it makes sense to choose different kinds of flooring for different areas of the house, depending on the needs and tastes of those who will be living there.


Sleek and elegant living room floors


Sometimes, it can be nice to just mix things up a little with different kinds of flooring for different rooms. Sleek elegant hardwood floors work well in the living room and dining room. These are also more heavily-used areas, and wood floors are easier to keep clean than carpets. The color of the wood used also speaks to the style and tastes of the inhabitants. Light-colored wood evokes modern elegance and functionality, while dark, polished wood with carefully-chosen rugs speak of old-fashioned comfort and values. For the family room, especially if there are children in the house, a thick rug provides a good surface for games and lounging while watching TV.


Cozy bedroom floors with thick carpeting


Who doesn’t love to have their feet sink into a thick carpet when coming out of the shower, or getting out of bed on a cold morning? Bedrooms are practically synonymous with cozy comfort, and carpeting achieves just that. Carpeting doesn’t just make the room cozy; it also sets the theme for the overall decor. For bedrooms, calm and restful is the best choice. Since individual tastes vary widely, this could mean anything from midnight blue to forest green to pale beige. Window treatments, linens, and other decor can pick up the colors and themes to create a restful atmosphere.


Practical linoleum for kitchens and bathrooms


Kitchens and bathrooms are heavily used areas, and floors here take some heavy use. Heat, spills, and moisture all demand a floor that can handle it all and that is easy to clean and maintain. Linoleum is a long-lasting and well-wearing flooring material that comes in many different colors and designs to match any style.


Choosing new floors for a house can be a major decision because there are so many choices and styles available. It can help to visit a showroom, such as the one at a flooring store in Pottstown, to get a sense of what is available and how it will look in the home. 


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