Choosing The Perfect Hardwood Floor

Carpet OneFor those starting to look for hardwood flooring in Pottstown, it may feel a little confusing having to figure out where to start. While there are plenty of options out there, from flooring made of tile to that made of carpet in Pottstown, many individual’s favorite material remains hardwood. However, as one may already expect, not all hardwood floors are created equal, and diving into its world is important before making the final decision.

Solid vs. Engineered

Solid hardwood flooring in Pottstown, that is flooring coming in planks of solid timber, is widely available. However, there are companies that offer the engineered kind, which is represented by planks that have a top layer of hardwood that is thinner, and which is bonded to other layers that were made to keep the floor from moving while it is expanding and contracting.

Engineered floors is easier to install in apartments and basements that have concrete subfloors, because they can be glued directly to the concrete, while solid wood needs a fdw layers of plywood underneath. Nevertheless, if this is the choice one is leaning towards, they should be careful to pick higher quality ones, with a thicker top layer, which will be able to be sanded down and refinished if one will want to do so.

Hardwood is still prefered by many homeowners, because it feels like better quality, while also being quieter.

Prefinished vs. Site Finished

Hardwood flooring in Pottstown can be bought with a raw face which will be finished after it is installed. Another option is prefinished, which has a stain and topcoat before being installed. The second option presents the advantage of letting homeowners know exactly what they will be getting, while taking less time to be installed. On the other hand, finishing on site brings a level of customization that many individuals love.

Types of Wood

Oak is the most widely used in flooring, because it is very durable, and stains easily. Another popular choice is walnut, which is loved thanks to its deep color, despite it being softer than oak. Other wood options are cherry, ash, hickory and maple.

Plank Width

Wider planks bring about a sense of luxury, but one shouldn’t use wide planks in small rooms, as it may end up looking odd. Rather, one should adjust plank width to the size of the room.

Picking the ideal hardwood flooring may be difficult, but after spending some time deciding, and then finally making the choice, one will surely love the result. Of course, there are other, easier options one can go to, like picking a carpet from Pottstown for their home. In the end, it all comes down to one’s preference.