Your home should always be a place of refuge and shelter.  However, if you or someone you love suffers from indoor allergies you know that it can turn your home into a place of suffering.  It can be tough to tackle all of the allergy sources in your home which are typically sparked by dust, pet dander / hair, and mites.  Indoor or home-based allergies typically heighten in the fall season when we start to close up the windows and turn on the furnace during the cooler temperatures.  This causes indoor allergens to remain locked up inside the home often triggering an allergic reaction.  If you or someone you love is suffering from indoor allergens, take note of some quick and easy tips to remove or minimize their impact within the home.


Remove Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Although the look and feel of wall-to-wall carpet invokes a feeling of comfort and coziness, it can also be a trigger for allergy sufferers – particularly when the carpet is in the bedroom.  However, there are now a multitude of allergy minimizing flooring options to choose from on the market.  By working with your local flooring store in Pottstown PA, you can discover and decide upon the best option for you and your family.  With solid surface flooring choices such as hardwood, vinyl, tile and laminate, you can create a dramatic and allergy free look for your home.  Area rugs can also be used to help soften the space and are much easier to clean and keep allergy free as you can remove the carpet and clean even deep down dirt and stains.


Keep Pets out of the Home

If you already have a pet you will not want to remove them from the home – they are a member of the family after all.  However, keeping pets out of the bedroom is key to minimizing allergies.  People typically spend 8-12 hours in the bedroom each day – this is certainly one of the most used rooms in your home.  Keeping this room clear of pet dander and hair is essential for air quality and will provide the allergy sufferer with a restful sleep.


Minimize Household Humidity

A humid home can lead to a moldy home.  Ensure you are using a dehumidifier, which will be especially important during the winter months when the windows are closed up and air flow is diminished.  By reducing the humidity you are minimizing the risk for mold spores to grow – a definite trigger for people that suffer from indoor allergies.


Purchase Mite-Proof Products

We try not to think about it – but dust mites are everywhere in our home.  For some, these little critters are a trigger for indoor allergies.  There is no way to get rid of them, especially since we can’t see them, but there are way to minimize their impact, specifically when it comes to bedding.  On the market today are mite-proof mattress covers and pillows available for purchase.  In addition to this, regular washing of bed linens on the hot water cycle will help to reduce their impact.