How to Install Carpet Yourself

A carpet can be a great addition to any home. Choosing the right carpet can make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Just because you have decided to add carpet to a room doesn’t mean you have to pay for installation. Installing carpet can be relatively easy if you know what to do. Consider these few steps to save a bit of money when installing wall-to-wall carpeting.

Choose Your Carpet

The first step in getting new carpeting installed is actually buying the material. Any flooring store in Pottstown will have many carpeting options for you to choose from and helpful staff will likely be able to help you choose what is right for you.

Clean the Subfloor

When you tear up carpeting or hardwood, a subfloor is left underneath. It is important the surface is clean and smooth so that the carpet doesn’t get any bumps or hard ridges due to debris under it. Making sure that the subfloor is clean can also prevent dust buildup and dirt from accumulating under the floor making for strange smells or allergens.

Roll Out the Carpet Pads

Carpet pads are what goes underneath the carpet to make it soft to step on. Carpet pads fit the entire room but potentially need to be trimmed if there is any overextension. Simply cut the pads after they’ve been rolled out to fit from wall-to-wall without any excess bits of the pad.

Trim the Carpet

Carpets come in large rolls and so it is important to try and trim the carpet before trying to install it. Remember the rule of measure twice, cut once, and be generous with your cut. It is better to have to do a bit of editing once the carpet is installed rather than finding out you have not enough carpet on the roll to fit the room.

Install the Carpet

Once the carpet has been trimmed you can roll it out into the room. Simply roll it over the carpet pads and cut down any pieces of excess that you find. Make sure you know where all the edges of the carpet are, as you will need them for the next step.

Glue the Seams

In order to make the carpet look like one large seamless piece of flooring, you will need to glue the seams together and glue the edges down to the floor. There are tools you can buy to glue the seams together as traditional gluing methods will not do the job. Ask a specialist at the flooring store for this tool when you were buying your carpet. Once the seams are glued together and go down to the floor you’ll have a beautiful carpet to enjoy.