How to Keep Your Floor Protected with Pets

Carpet OneDirt from paws and scratchy nails can do a lot of harm to your floor. Pets somehow managed to damage all types of flooring, from tile to carpet and hardwood. While it can be tempting to give up entirely on your flooring and let your pets destroy it, there are methods of keeping your surfaces intact even with the messiest of pets.

Nail Trims

Sharp nails on your floor can cause a lot of damage. Your pets claws can scratch hardwood, chip tile, and even pull up the strands of material from your carpet. Getting your pets claws trimmed can save a lot of time and money trying to get your floors repaired. Declawing is not recommended, and most Pottstown veterinarians will not perform the surgery no matter how torn up your carpet gets. A simple clip of the nails on each paw once a month is good enough to keep your floors looking their best.

Cover Up Their Paws

On cold winter days when there is snow outside, or a wet rainy day when there are lots of puddles, a dog can have a lot of fun outside. However, it is less fun for you when they bring all that water inside. To keep your floor from getting wet and damaged on days when it is wet outside consider putting dog booties on your pet’s feet. Not only will this help protect your floors, but it’ll also help protect your pets from having their feet freeze.

Make Sure They're Potty Trained

The ammonia from urine can stain and degrade all kinds of flooring, it can also cause health issues as the wet stains can attract mold and make your home’s air quality unhealthy. Whether you have just adopted a new pet, or your pet is losing control of her bladder due to age, it is important to stay vigilant and make sure that they are only going to the bathroom and designated areas like a litter box or outside. In the meantime, during the time of potty training, use disposable or washable pads that will keep everything undesirable off of your floor.

Get Them Regularly Groomed

A well-groomed animal is less likely to bring in excess dirt. Keeping their hair shorter and brushing out their undercoat gives dirt and debris less to hold onto. Giving your pet a good grooming doesn’t mean having to spend money on an expensive pet salon. Taking some time every day to brush them yourself can be a great way to bond with your pet as well as a way to minimize mess. Your floor and your furry best friend will thank you for the added attention and love.