While most people concentrate on the decor and feel of their home, a thing of major importance for the way their home looks is the flooring. Indeed, it has a great impact on the ambiance, look and feel of a place. Before one goes to a flooring store in Pottstown, they should make sure that they have an understanding of what floor works best for them.




The first thing one should consider when picking their floor is their lifestyle. For instance if one’s family is very active, which leads to heavy traffic with parents, children and pets walking around constantly, purchasing a plush carpet may not be the best idea. Indeed, areas with heavy traffic should have wood, vinyl, or ceramic tile floors. For those whose homes have minimal traffic, and who love feeling something soft on their feet, they can easily purchase carpets or rugs from a flooring store in Pottstown.


Location within a House


Another factor one should keep in mind is the place in their house where the flooring will go. For instance, while floors in an entryway or a foyer should look beautiful, they should also be durable against the elements. Indeed, if there will be rain, mud or snow coming in contact with the floors, then they should be made from slate, tile or wood. On the other hand, floors located in bedrooms and children’s rooms should be comfortable for bare feet. Laundry rooms, bathrooms and utility rooms should have flooring that is water-resistant, which is why having hardwood and laminate wood is not recommended there, as damage can easily occur in high moisture.




As one going to a flooring store in Pottstown will soon discover, flooring is priced per square foot, which can quickly add up to a lot. Materials used in floors have quality grades. For instance, while synthetic carpet may be cheaper than Berber, the latter contains big and small pile tufts. Indeed, the plusher a carpet is, the more expensive it will be. Another thing one should keep in mind when picking a carpet is its pad that goes beneath, as it will play a role in the carpet’s durability and level of comfort.


Tile made of ceramic, slate or marble will generally be more expensive compared to carpets. However, they do have the advantage of being low maintenance, not needing replacing unless it somehow cracks. Finally, there is the option of wood and laminate flooring, which is many people’s favorite, as it looks stylish. The good news is that prices for it have also dropped in recent years, which makes them more affordable than they once were.


While choosing one’s floor may not seem like much, the choice one makes will have a big effect on one’s house, which is why it should be done with care.