Heading to a flooring store in Pottstown can be invigorating. The excitement of a potentially new space and the scent of fresh wood and crown molding can easily warp one into the world of design and construction. It can actually be overwhelming.

Whether renovating a home or a business, the question of which flooring to select is absolutely fundamental to the renovation process. The entire look and feel of a space can be transformed simply by the floor beneath one's feet.

When considering different flooring options, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

Carpet One 



The first and most important factor when it comes to choosing a floor is the budget. Different materials will vary in cost accordingly so it is important that one selects the best material for their price range. Laminate flooring usually comes in as the cheapest viable flooring, and woods like the Brazilian chestnut, or stones like marble or granite are usually the most expensive.


Square Footage


Since floor pricing is done according to square footage, it is obvious that the more square footage that is replaced, the more expensive the project will be. It is wise to evaluate the space that needs renovating again and consider if replacing all of it is necessary. If a smaller section is renovated, the extra money can go to selecting a better quality material.


The Desired Look


Flip through design blogs and Pinterest images to get a clear picture of the look that is being sought by others. Some renovators seek a modern and chic look, whereas others prefer warm and homely. If renovating a studio or business, it is especially important to consider what is currently trending because that will add value and credibility to the space. It is necessary to have a clear image of the exact look that is being sought because oftentimes when the research is not done properly, renovators end up with something completely different then what they were aiming for.


The Time-frame


Many renovators underestimate the time it will take for a floor to be replaced. Floor replacement can take from a few hours to multiple weeks depending on the material selected and the amount of space that needs to be covered. Make sure to get an estimated time from the contractor, and be prepared for the project taking longer than agreed upon.


Replacing floors isn't rocket science, but it isn't necessarily as simple as strolling to the nearest flooring store in Pottstown either. Planning everything beforehand is the tested way to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and the end result is exactly as was envisioned in the first place.