Matching New Flooring With Decor to Create Restful or Exciting Spaces

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Matching decor to new floors can be exciting. Window treatments, rugs, linens, and wallpaper can be used to create comfortable, exciting and even magical living spaces. With the wide range of flooring materials now available, many of which can be seen at a showroom for hardwood flooring in Pottstown, it can be easy to unleash your imagination. It’s a good idea to choose different kinds of flooring for different rooms in the house, and to pick decor to match. A sea world or pirate themed bedroom for the kids or a hallway with light wooden floors and wallpaper with a birch wood print to get lost in; whatever your dream, matching up flooring and decor can create magical worlds.


Calm and restful bedrooms


Bedrooms should be calm places. Carpets in muted colors and linens and window treatments to match are conducive to rest. Wallpaper can be a great decor item, instantly transforming a space into something magical and different. Bedroom wallpapers could be pastel floral designs or intricate William Morris visions in rich colors. Add a comfortable chair and lamp for reading and a bottom-of-the-bed storage chest or ottoman for spare blankets, and you’ve got a room full of creature comforts.

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Pirate themed kids’ bedrooms


Kids love pirates and the world of the deep sea in general. What better way to make the kids happy and subtly nudge them towards expanding their knowledge than a pirate themed bedroom? Exciting elements could include bunk beds; comforters with deep sea designs of whales, dolphins, and turtles; and a treasure chest doubling as a home for toys. A globe could inspire journeys and also possibly teach them some geography painlessly. Perhaps a stuffed parrot to complete the air of tropical adventure. Carpets make the room warm and cozy and provide a soft surface for games and falls.

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Hallways and passages


Everybody’s read those books in which people step through pictures or wallpaper into new and exciting (and imaginary) worlds, where they have strange and wonderful adventures. You can bring a little bit of that atmosphere into your home with small touches like patterned wallpaper in a hallway. Matching up birch wood print wallpaper to a space with a light wooden floor can be a gateway into the winter woods, or you could pick wallpaper printed with a weathered sea-fence design, evoking a seaside atmosphere so intense that you can almost smell the salt air. 

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Picking new floors for your home can be exciting. A whole range of styles and designs are available these days, and you can see many of these at a carpet showroom in Pottstown. Matching decor to flooring gives you room to unleash your imagination and create magical, restful, and adventurous spaces.


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