Seeing the Home Renovation Forest for the Trees


So, you followed the advice commonly given to economical and imaginative homebuyers. You sought the biggest bang for your buck, purchased the worst house in the best neighborhood, and are planning to move your family into a fixer upper. Congratulations!


However, what comes next can get tricky. After all, you made this choice in order to save money and, therefore, work toward reaching your financial goals, so you probably feel reluctant to completely outsource all the home renovation and labor necessary to transform your fixer upper into your dream home.


If you're not an experienced interior designer, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when starting from scratch.


The key is to mentally add a few steps to the process between blank slate and finished masterpiece. Limit your stress by allowing time to start slow and gain momentum--not every design decision has to be made today. The details will come together when you tackle the project in pieces.


Moving forward, divide the renovation of your home into phases. Make design decisions about only the phase in which you are currently working. Those original decisions will govern the designs of the phases to follow.


Start with floors, the anchors of entire rooms. First, decide between carpet and other surfaces. If choosing carpet, you must then choose its color and texture. If you go with another surface, you will then decide between hardwood, tile, vinyl, etc. That decision will help you narrow your color options. If you experience difficulty envisioning these different looks, visit a local flooring store in Pottstown to see and touch tangible examples.


Next, choose wall colors. Think about how you want to feel in each room--relaxed, energized, peaceful, inspired, etc.--and pick paint colors to match that vision.


Moving on, purchase and place large pieces of furniture, such as living area seating, dining tables, entertainment centers, beds and desks.


Then, based on the amount and types of spaces left over, decide on smaller pieces, such as accent tables, lamps, dressers and shelves.


Inching closer to the finish line, place statement-making accessories, such as curtains, wall art, pillows, blankets, candles and plants.


The last, yet most important, step in the home renovation process is to place items that reflect the character of your family. These include photos and souvenirs that represent precious memories, documents and awards that represent important accomplishments and calendars and books that represent lessons and goals. Finally, survey your entire home to assess the design for functionality and fulfillment of your family's specific needs. Make small adjustments if necessary.


Ta-dah! Chopping down one tree at a time will eventually take care of the entire forest. Enjoy living life among the work of your own hands!


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