Style Details to Look for in a New HomeCarpet One

Searching for a new home can be a fun and exciting adventure. It is important to create a wish list of things that you absolutely need for your new space in order to get the best possible house that you will love for years to come. There are many trendy styles that you often see when you’re searching for a new home. Some of the style trends can have real everyday benefits that might make the house worth buying. Here are a few style trends look out for when shopping for a new home.


Hardwood isn’t only for style anymore. Hardwood flooring in a Pottstown home can not only add value to the home but also last for years making it ideal for new homeowners. This type of flooring is incredibly durable and easy to clean, while other types of floors like carpet and laminate are not. Real wood flooring can also be easily sanded and re-varnished to make it look like new if any damage is done.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles, and in particular white subway tiles, are everywhere from home magazines to television and online. This type of tile is not only beautiful but it’s also a wise investment as subway tiles are very durable and easy to clean. Subway tiles are used often in kitchen backsplashes and also in bathrooms for shower siding. This material is not porous like other types of tile or popular material like types of stones are and so grime quickly wipes off of them, making messes disappear in an instant. The fact that they are not porous also makes them more difficult to stain, meaning that your subway tiles will stay white for a long time.

Open Concept

Most people desire an open concept living space with the kitchen, dining room, and living room all accessible at once. Having an open space makes hosting events like holiday parties and family dinners much easier as people can move from room to room easily while still being able to be part of conversations elsewhere. Not only is an open concept plan good for entertaining, but it also makes the living space of a home feel bigger. You get the added convenience as well as the illusion of space with an open concept.

There are many trends that come and go when it comes to home styles, however, some styles have proven to be not only great to look at, but also be practical. Looking for iconic and trendy style features in a home can actually improve your life after you move in and make you love your new home that much more.