Whether you are remodeling your home, building new, or just want to freshen up a room in your home, the flooring option that you choose has the ability to totally refocus and drive the overall desired look of your design plan.   With some many flooring options on the market, it can be difficult to navigate the choice options and decide on what will best suit your design esthetic.  Take the time to do your research into the options, look at design magazines or online photos for inspiration, and work directly with your local flooring store to help you decide on the flooring choice that is right for you.


Hardwood and Laminate

For homeowners in Pottstown PA, choosing hardwood flooring is a timeless look that will dramatically improve the look and feel of your interior spaces.  Hardwood flooring can literally be used in any room of your home – but is most often seen in common living areas such as family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.  Hardwood flooring comes in both solid and engineered products and has a wide range of wood types and finishes that can be applied.  In terms of budget, hardwood is an expensive upfront option, but will prove to be long lasting and can dramatically increase the value of your home.


For a less expensive option, laminate flooring can offer consumers the look of hardwood for a fraction of the cost.  Over the years, this product has seen dramatic improvements in the look and feel of the product resulting in a ‘real wood’ look.


Vinyl and Tile

Most commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, tile can offer your home the sophistication that it desires.  Tile comes in ceramic, porcelain and stone varieties with a multitude of colors, sizes, and accent options available to the consumer.  In terms of cost comparison, tile price ranges can vary dramatically depending on the product type and size of the tile – consumers will need to have accurate measurements and a calculator to work out an estimated cost and budget for this product.


A lower cost option is vinyl flooring.  This product is considerably less than tile and comes in sheet or tile sections.  This product can provide the look of tile for less cost.



Carpet is one of the more common flooring choices and is used in all areas of the home (although not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms).  Consumers will find that carpet choices and options far outnumber any other flooring choice on the market.  With different types available including plush, textured, and looped, as well as thickens variations, colors, and patterns – the choices can be overwhelming.  Working with the experts at your local carpet store in Pottstown PA can help you to envision your look and narrow down your choice for this type of product.


No matter what flooring option you choose, this is an investment piece in your home.  Ensure you take your time to choose just the right option for you and your family.