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Learn about the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring with COREtec.

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What is COREtec?

COREtec flooring in Parkerford, PA is currently one of the hottest selling brands of vinyl flooring, or luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) on the market. Its reputation holds it as one of the most adaptable, versatile, and durable flooring for home and office environments making it an ideal option for active households or areas of flooring that typically see heavy amounts of foot traffic. It is resilient to damage, moisture, stains, and above all, everyday wear and tear. You can purchase this vinyl flooring in tile, planks, and vinyl sheets for easy installation, best suited for your desired space.

COREtec Benefits Overview

Easy to Maintain

First and foremost, COREtec is waterproof making it a great flooring option if pets or children are in the household. It's extremely easy to maintain in the event there are any spills or accidents so you can spend more time enjoying floors and less time with upkeep- BONUS! Additionally, it is highly resistant to stains and fading which equates to longevity and durability to high-traffic areas.

Cost Efficient & Easy Installation

The installation process of COREtec results in a more time efficient as well as cost effective install. It can be installed over existing hard surfaces and prevents mold or mildew growth due to the core construction so your flooring lasts longer.

Versatility & Healthier Living

Amidst the benefits resides the style and design versatility. COREtec comes in a series of different styles from plank size, to tile, high-res images and design beveling. Different categories featured are COREtec Plus, COREtec Plus XL Enhanced, COREtec Plus HD, and lastly COREtec Plus Design.