At Ches-Mont Carpet One Floor & Home, we are dedicated to providing the best carpet options that provide luxury and performance all-in-one. With our exclusive line of Tigressà carpet, you don't have to be hesitant on selecting carpet as your premier carpet option for you living room, family room, or bedrooms. 

It's important to know the breakdown of carpet to know exactly what makes a carpet, a quality carpet. The truth is in the Science of Soft Carpet. You will learn how Tigressà carpet is engineered with precision to ensure strength, softness, and style for your family.

Tigressà Selection

Tigressà SoftStyle

Unlike any other carpet, Tigressà SoftStyle is softer, stronger, and a great mid-range carpet. There are more filaments in each fiber bundle in order for added wear resistance while still remaining soft-to-the-touch for a more comfortable and longer lasting carpet.

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Tigressa Cherish Carpet

Tigressà Cherish

Although all Tigressà carpets are incredibly soft, the Cherish style is considerably softer than the rest. Tigressà Cherish features high tensile strength fibers that give it more color definition and durability than any other carpet and the fibers are naturally finer than traditional carpet which is why it feels so soft to-the-touch. This is especially a great option for active households.

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Tigressà H20

Amidst our line of Tigressà, there is the waterproof, kid proof and pet proof extension called Tigressà H20. It is built with a carpet backing that is 100% thermoplastic commercial  and fusion bonded to prevent liquids and spills from leaking through to the carpet padding. Talk about making messes and spills easy to clean up, even if it isn't tended to right away!

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